• We will help you to reach the top!
  • We will help you to reach the top!
  • We will help you to reach the top!
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About us

At the early stage of Business growth, the first clenched hands are with people, who provide activities, contributing and supporting its development. Choosing an accountant and a lawyer for Business is a choice of a business partner and / or a dear friend. A person who is always in the right place, time and with invaluable support, even in the most difficult moment alongside with you.

If this is your idea, let me tell you a bit about us. What we believe are:

  • Quality: when the determining conditions are factors such as "Deadline", "Precise Format", "Financial Parameters". The phrase "Еxecution quality" is given a different meaning depending on the satisfied smiles of people who have trusted us.
  • Price of service: each service has a price. But what is the cost of labour through the eyes of the business. It is not just a burden, but a help. This is our credo, we stand behind, and determines our price - specific and consistent, fair and accurate.
  • Discretion and protection of the company and trade secrets. Build and maintain a good image of your company before the National Revenue Аgency, Insurance Institute, banks and other institutions.


Adequate and timely solutions for your successful business.

You are а new entrepreneur, you are a merchant, manufacturer or operating in the sphere of services. You want to minimize costs, optimize profits, expand your market share or reinforce existing positions and image, all in accordance with the legislation? Looking for the most effective solution, decisions may look good, but they could be actually wrong if based on incomplete, unclear or lack of information.

We can offer you a full range of services and consultations. We can provide you with accurate, timely, clear and complete information on proper starting up your business or optimal functioning of your already developed enterprise: accounting services, legal tax optimization, efficient management of labour resources, legal protection, development of systems for management and control (ISO), business consulting. Because we know there is a big difference between playing to win and playing it just not to lose.


Our team is created and managed according to the most modern methods of organization and teamwork. Accounting Finance Consult is a partner that can be relied upon:

  • Internal ISO 9001 created by the team of the company in order to ensure the optimal operating parameters, quality execution of activities in the required deadlines and formats;
  • A team, working with established and proven executive qualities, motivated to accomplish the assigned tasks in accordance with the relevant conditions.


Qualities such as:

Honesty, confidentiality, quality execution, compliance with the latest legal updates, meeting deadlines are specific to each successful company. Besides them, AFK team follows the daily process of optimization of operations, increase efficiency, striving to give more value to everything done for the client. Thus we strive to offer the best price and perfect quality of sevice.


Green tree We are working with the idea of nature conservation.

So we created processes, minimizing the use of all derived from nature:

  • Web site to exchange electronically the necessary information and whose protection is in compliance with the latest safety requirements;
  • Saving energy and resources in an optimal best way.


We believe in:

  • the customer satisfaction;
  • the correctness of our decisions and judgments;
  • services we provided.


Accounting Finance Consult Ltd.

Sofia 1000

44, Hristo Belchev Str.

Phone: +359 (02) 989 75 13

Email: office@finance-consult.net